Understanding Trade Show Attendees & How to Generate Leads

When preparing for a trade show, it’s common for businesses to focus their efforts on things like giveaways, booth design, and marketing. Research shows, however, that the number one influence on attendee conversion at a trade show is how they interact with your booth staff. Trade show attendees weigh their personal interactions with exhibitor staff Read More

Getting Attendees’ Attention at a Las Vegas Trade Show

Excessively, numerous organizations pull the "it's about us!" card and sell, pitch, sell. You see, I get it—you've spent a great deal of cash to display at these exchange appears, and you realize that you would be wise to demonstrate a few return for capital invested on that cash, or somebody up the corporate natural pecking order is not going to be upbeat. There's a great deal of weight to emerge from the various merchants Read More

Top Medical Device and Healthcare Trade Shows for 2016 - 2017

Trade Show Planning healthcare trade shows, medical device trade shows, pharma tech trade shows

Post Updated: 08/28/2016

Since some of these shows have already passed, we decided to update the list for the remainder of 2016. Here are a few more medical device and healthcare trade shows that you may want to consider exhibiting at this year.

If you see a medical device or healthcare trade show that is coming up soon (90 days or less), make sure to read our guide on how to successfully plan and design for a trade show exhibit in 90 days. If you’re a first time exhibitor, Read More

How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Image at Your Booth

Social media now holds a place alongside print and broadcast as a major, essential marketing channel for businesses. As such, social media now should be held to the same standard as those channels: your social media ROI needs to contribute to your bottom line. Read More

17 Facts about Exhibiting at Trade Shows

If you want to employ the best booth staff, you should pick the ones who has the perfect communication skills as well with the good appearance. Not necessarily the seniors. Their having comprehensive information about your company is also a must. The more people involves in designing the booth display, Read More

A List of Ten Terrific Themes for Corporate Events

Whether you're planning business meetings, brainstorming sessions, galas, or team building, the right theme will set the tone for corporate events. Themes can also be instrumental in conveying complex information during presentations, conferences and training and development programs.
Use your theme to drive decisions about venues, menu selections, messaging, graphics, music and entertainment.

Here are 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing Read More

Amplify Your Message At That Next Event

If you’ve been paying attention at events, you’ve probably noticed it: brands and businesses showing off their trade show presence on social media, and showing off their social media presence at their booth. Networking channels like Facebook and Twitter, and visual channels like Instagram and Pinterest are all popping up in trade show booths, Read More

Connect With Consumers In Real Time... Reach Beyond The Boundaries Of Your Event

Photo activations at events can help brands associate with some of the best life experiences in a scalable way by passing authentic, visual messages person-to-person on a one-to-many basis. Aside from increased social stats and overall reach, brands also have access to niche, user-generated content to showcase in future advertising campaigns that is in line with the themes and emotions the brands are looking to associate with Read More

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